Futile Science?

From NewScientist.com news service, 13 things that do not make sense:

  1. The placebo effect
  2. The horizon problem
  3. Ultra-energetic cosmic rays
  4. Belfast homeopathy results
  5. Dark matter
  6. Viking’s methane
  7. Tetraneutrons
  8. The Pioneer anomaly
  9. Dark energy
  10. The Kuiper cliff
  11. The Wow signal
  12. Not-so-constant constants
  13. Cold fusion

I was surprised I didn’t know about half of those items, and they’re all interesting.

4 Replies to “Futile Science?”

  1. Cheese Whiz makes perfect sense, especially on a Ritz cracker. The whole theory of the universe is directed unerringly towards one single thing: Cheese Whiz (which, of course, finds its premotion in the Ritz cracker, itself a universal constant). Seems self-evident to me.

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