Future Shop Used My Advice

I recently ordered the printing of digital photos from Future Shop (owned by Best Buy for you American folks). Their Order Status page displayed this:

Status: Received: Your order has been sent to the lab.

That confused my simple mind; did that mean it was ready to be picked up at the lab, or was the lab processing it? So, I emailed Future Shop:

Just a comment about your Order Status page: Since this is my first time ordering photos from your site, it isn’t clear what the final status of my order will indicate. Right now it states: “Received: Your order has been sent to the lab.” So what? Does that mean it’s ready to be picked up? Or will the Status change to “Ready to be picked up”? It would be helpful if you could state ALL the steps in the order process, hi-lighting the Status a order is at. For example:
– Order being processed
– Order sent to lab < - - Order being shipped - Order ready for pickup And the 2nd line above would be in bold or highlighted to indicate the status. Thanks.

Three days later they replied:

Thank you for your feedback as it definitely makes us aware of issues that arise during this process. I will forward this onto our OPS department so that they can be made aware.

And that same day they updated their Order Status page to display:

Status: Processing: Your order has arrived at the lab and is being processed.

I anxiously await a cheque for my consulting services.

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