Gamblers Gamble On Sueing Gambling Company

KenoAll bets off as casino refuses to pay jackpot:

Two men from Manitoba have hired a lawyer and are threatening legal action after a Winnipeg casino refused to pay out more than $209,000 in slot-machine winnings.
The machine said the win was worth a jackpot of $209,716.40. The casino said it was a software error.

A software error. Someone didn’t do enough Unit Testing.

I wonder if the casino will seek damages from the software manufacturer. They must; but then, did the casino know the error was possible? If so, it seems like they were gambling as well.

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  1. Unit Test Limitations

    Unit-testing will not catch every error in the program. By definition, it only tests the functionality of the units themselves. Therefore, it will not catch integration errors, performance problems or any other system-wide issues. In addition, it may not be easy to anticipate all special cases of input the program unit under study may receive in reality. Unit testing is only effective if it is used in conjunction with other software testing activities.

    It is unrealistic to test all possible input combinations for any non-trivial piece of software. A unit test can only show the presence of errors; it cannot show the absence of errors.

  2. Yeah, jody’s joke sux. They clearly did not do enough IPWT testing. Or super duper catch every bug testing, which if they actually implemented would probably catch every bug.

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