Gardening and Portobello Mushroom Hamburgers

Caitlyn and I inspected the garden today, after the damn snow melted. We put a small metal fence around the garden’s perimeter and picked a few weeds. We then had a barbecue, cooking a hot-dog for Caitlyn, vegetarian and portobello mushroom hamburgers, and eating it with home-made macaroni salad. Caitlyn ate 90% of a hamburger, a hot-dog, green pepper slices, and the salad. She ate more than me fer Christ’s sake.

8 Replies to “Gardening and Portobello Mushroom Hamburgers”

  1. Fuck that! Did you notice how skinny Pender is! Don’t believe anything he has to say about getting fat; I’ve got the best diet on the market if you want to get fat.

  2. I do believe *I* have cornered the market on getting fat. i’d like to see any of YOU gain 100 lbs in under 2 years!

  3. I’ll make you so fat so that your belly envelopes us all! You’re already halfway there so it’s not that much of a stretch.

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