Gardening In The Fall

iain holding shovelI took this morning off, renting a garden tiller for 4 hours, preparing my garden for the garlic I’ll be planting soon. Afterwards, my children helped me get dirty.caitlyn in the garden

Garlic, like most hardy plants, establishes its roots in the fall, then slowly grows in the near frozen ground. Sometimes you’ll see green shots coming up through the snow.

We grew kale once in Newfoundland. It’s a rough, leafy vegetable that you cook like cabbage. It’s sweet, I think. We were harvesting it after the snow fell; it’s hearty.

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  1. I’m glad I didn’t bother tilling my land. We had the soil tested. 440 ppm of lead, which is about twice as high of what’s considered safe for growing vegetables.

    So I have 400 feet of land behind my shed that’s useless for growing food. Piss on that.

    I feel like selling the house today and moving out to the country.

  2. We planted our garlic in the spring. We pulled up one the garlics last week. It looks like a green onion. So I don’t think we’re getting much garlic this year. I bent over the remaining stocks. That supposedly redirects all the growth into the garlic instead of the stocks. So we’ll see. I think we’ll harvest the rest of it and plant next year’s crop during the last weekend of October. Everything else in our garden has grown well.

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