Getting A Job At Google

How I got to Google, ch. 1, from Google’s blog, describes how one employee stumbled into getting hired by them after reporting a DNS problem:

I headed over to, found the “Contact Us” page and the “Report a problem” link, chunked in a brief problem description and a link to the archived copy of the long technical description from that same mailing list thread, and thought to myself, “Gee, I’ll never hear about that again.” But then one afternoon a week later I get an email that said, basically, “We’ve received your problem report, and forwarded it on to the appropriate department, if they need any further information they’ll contact you. Thanks.” Again, I thought, “Gee, how nice. I’ll never hear about that again.”

An interesting, hopeful read for computer geeks.

The story behind me getting my current job is almost as exciting: I applied for it online, forgot about it, then a year later I received an email asking if I was still interested in working there.

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  1. The last ‘job’ I had, I got by cheating, sort of. I was a graduate representative at my university, which meant whenever anything was going on for grad students in my part of the university, I was supposed to tell them about it by putting up posters, whatever. Anyway, I got a notice for a high-paying job at the unversity available to all grad students — a job which I knew was a hell of a lot better than the crap job I already had. So, instead of putting up a bunch of posters, I didn’t tell anyone about it, applied for the job myself, got it, and milked it for two and half years. Am I evil a person?

  2. What do mean cheating “sort of”? It was cheating “definitely”. Ask Martha Stewart if she was cheating “sort of”… :-)

    But… bottom line, you got the job…. good on you.

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