Animals will bite signAshley’s Attack of the crows! post (who got bitten by a friggin’ chipmunk, the nut) got me thinking about the animals that have drawn my blood:

  • Cats. Cats are deceptive. You think you’re playing with a cute, cuddly creature, when suddenly it sinks a 6 inch claw into your flesh. Fucking cats.
  • Snakes. I used to catch snakes. I remember a garter snake biting my hand as a kid when I tired to pick it up.
  • Dog. I love dogs more than any other domestic animal. I was probably playing too rough with a puppy.
  • Mouse. It was a friend’s. We might’ve feed it to a snake.
  • Hamster. We had a few hamsters as kids. I remember finding a flattened one on the road in front of our house once. I think its name was Hammy.
  • Perch. Fucking perch. It drew blood from a spine in one of its fins, I think, while I was taking it off a hook. Phillip wrote a song about fucking perch.
  • Mosquitoes and other flies.

How about you?


  1. I got bit in the CHEST by a Newfoundland dog about 5 years ago. It was over in about a second, but it was a terrifying experience. I’d never had any fear of dogs, but there’s almost no way to shake off an experience like that. I’m simply unable to approach dogs in a relaxed manner like I used to. Pisses me off.

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me. I wasn’t thinking of horseflies. God, that hurts. Can’t even kill ’em with a swat either. Gotta pin them and rub them around until they tear apart.

    The chipmunk was during a rafting trip in a permit only part of Idaho. So these animals have only seen a few people and still aren’t scared of them so come right up to you. Silly me, I thought that meant I could pick him up. Tore my thumb wide open with those little rodent choppers.

    When I worked for a vet I got bit and scratched by cats constantly. Only one dog ever bit me (at work) and that was because his hips were a collection of bone fragments and I picked him up awkwardly.

  3. Hey well..i guess its not a a kid got fingers caught in lobster claws while having lobster fights….kinda like cock fighting without the betting….
    I did get bitten by a “wolf eel” (i do not know what the real name may be) it was on the deck of the boat and i went to kick it…clumped on to my ankle…right through the boot…I hate them things….no worries here in Onatario…just blood sucking lampray eels..yeah i wanna know if any one has been bitten by one of those..

  4. Used to work at a pet store when I was a teenager. Got bit by a python (had to get a tetnus shot in my rear), a parrot, fish of varying sizes (while feeding them), budgie birds, mice, chinchillas, guinea pigs,…..I could go on. Then there was that drunken night in my 20’s when we thought it would be fun to go cow tipping……

    Nah! Just kidding, I never got bit by a cow.

  5. cats, dogs, hamsters, rats, mice, gerbils, chinchillas, turtle, fishes, squirrels, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, my sister.. I guess that’s about it. Animals love me.

  6. I would like to reieterate I had nothing to do with that dead hamster. I’m surprised I don’t remember that incident. Now if you found a dead frog on the road in front of our house, that was probably me.

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