Getting Notified When Your Website Is Down

Steel White Table website availability chart from site24x7.comSite24x7 checks your website’s response time, alerting you if it’s down:

Site24x7 is a hosted web site monitoring service that helps webmasters ensure their websites are up and running at peak performance. The site24x7 servers make HTTP or HTTPS requests to your website at regular intervals of time and alerts you if it is down.

I’ve been using it for a couple days; it works well. You can:

  • Monitor multiple websites.
  • Have the service check the website’s availability and response time every 5 to 1440 minutes.
  • Get alerted when the URL is inaccessible or if a keyword on the site is or isn’t found or if the content changes…
  • Send alerts to multiple email address.
  • Monitor a web transaction, which I have no use for so I haven’t tried it.
  • Have the service send you reports on the response and availability times.
  • View the above reports online.

Their interface is simple and straight-forward; little if any help is necessary to figure out how to setup a website. When a website is down you’ll get an HTML email describing when it stopped responding and why, including the nifty charts as seen on their website. When the website starts responding, you’ll get another email saying it’s back up. Nice.

The service claims to be in beta mode, so I suspect the free service will lose some features once it’s “official”; however, it’s a convenient, useful service. It’d take advantage of it while it’s available.

They have a blog, too.

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  1. I could have written a piece of Ajax code to do the exact same thing. We use to do this for an application in a load balanced environment. If the web or app server was down, it would try and restart the services. Depending on the alert level, it would e-mail or page folks when the service was down.

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