Getting Rid Of Old Stuff

StereoMy Dad wants to get rid of stuff he doesn’t use any more, so I’ve been sorting through old stereo equipment, records, stamp collections, and books. I recently sold a couple of amplifiers, receivers, and speakers to a second-hand store for $185. The employee there said most people are looking for compact, multimedia systems now. He wouldn’t take the 300 CD changer I had, so I gave it to him; CD players only sell if they can play DVDs as well.

What do I do with the vinyl? A lot of them are mine: Pink Floyd, Yes, Beatles, Rush, Rolling Stones – stuff from my high school days, plus original albums from the 60s my Dad owns. I know there’s a market for them somewhere.

The stamp collections was collected over 20 years by my Dad, and probably has some valuable stuff in it, but I have no idea how to sell it. Selling it on ebay would require a lot of research to ensure I know how much to sell it for, but I have no idea how to look for specific stamp values.

The books I’m keeping, for the most part.

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  1. It’d have to be a damn thick book, given all the stamps my Dad has. I’ll have to do some research on it. There’s a guy in town that does appraisals, but I’d want to his evaluation is fair.

    Why do people collect STAMPS? Geez.

  2. i bet dennis would like a few of those old vinyl albums. if you have a list i can send it off to him.

    of you can find d-nos on purerave.

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