Gillette Could Be Taking A Photo Of You

Smile for the cameraBoycott Gillette:

Gillette has been caught hiding tiny RFID surveillance chips in the packaging of its shaving products. These tiny, high tech spy tags are being used to trigger photo taking of unsuspecting customers!

This is bizarre but true, I think. Here are some links about it:

2 Replies to “Gillette Could Be Taking A Photo Of You”

  1. haha, some ppl are a little paranoid about the whole RFID thing aren’t they?
    it’s pros far outweigh the cons, in my opinion. The ability for gillette to know how many times you’ve purchased new blades in the last year, which would allow them to send you rebates or free gifts or whatever. RFID is the wave of the FUTURE!

  2. Here’s an informative article about RFIDs, bringing to mind scenes from Minority Report and other science-fiction movies where your location can be tracked by hidden RFID-like devices embedded in your underwear.

    Don’t wear underwear.

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