Greeks Can Worship Ancient Greek Deities:

At the moment Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Athens, Hermes, etc. are being worshipped by 100,000 Greeks. Until now Ministry of Culture banned them from conducting public worship at archeological sites and their gatherings were often secretive.

I wonder if the Celtic Gods are still being worshipped.


  1. I worship the Sun God. I see him, I feel him, and I notice when he’s not around. And if you get too close to him, you’ll be melted quicker than butter in a microwave. That’s a powerful god! Well documented too.

  2. Greg’s sun god is some really some guy down the street that he has a crush on.

    I used to do a lot of readings on the greek gods. I even took courses in university about it. It’s a good elective, but it would suck ass as a major unless you plan on majoring in welfare.

  3. Aghhh….give me thor, valhalla and ragnorak, over those inbred, poofy greek gods….but more importantly did i use the comma correctly….,,,,

  4. “but more importantly did i use the comma correctly….,,,,”

    hahahahahahaha!@#% That was a good one, I bet odin inspired ya.

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