4 Replies to “Give Me That Old Time Religion”

  1. I worship the Sun God. I see him, I feel him, and I notice when he’s not around. And if you get too close to him, you’ll be melted quicker than butter in a microwave. That’s a powerful god! Well documented too.

  2. Greg’s sun god is some really some guy down the street that he has a crush on.

    I used to do a lot of readings on the greek gods. I even took courses in university about it. It’s a good elective, but it would suck ass as a major unless you plan on majoring in welfare.

  3. Aghhh….give me thor, valhalla and ragnorak, over those inbred, poofy greek gods….but more importantly did i use the comma correctly….,,,,

  4. “but more importantly did i use the comma correctly….,,,,”

    hahahahahahaha!@#% That was a good one, I bet odin inspired ya.

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