Global Consciousness

I saw a report about the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) on the Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet program:

We use devices called random event generators (REG) that usually produce a continuous sequence of completely unpredictable numbers which can be recorded in computer files. Experiments have shown that human consciousness can make the string of numbers slightly non-random when people hold intentions to do so, or when there is a special state of coherent group consciousness. The difference is very small, but statistical analysis demonstrates that this correlation of the REG behavior with something about consciousness is real. It is as if our wishes could change the 50/50 odds of a coin flip ever so slightly.

This is spooky: the GCP uses hardware keys installed on computers which simply write random numbers to data files, sending the files to servers in Princeton. Computers around the world have this device installed. Scientists have noticed that the randomness tends to go away when a global event occurs, with similar data being generated in synchronicity.

Their analysis of data when the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks occurred is startling, which they admit:

We do not know how the correlations that arise between electronic random event generators and human concerns come to be, and yet, the results of our analyses over the past three years repeatedly indicate such correlations. We cannot explain the presence of stark patterns in data that should be random, nor do we have any way of divining their ultimate meaning, yet there appears to be an important message here. When we ask why the disaster in New York and Washington and Pennsylvania should appear to be responsible for a strong signal in our world-wide network of instruments designed to generate random noise, there is no obvious answer.

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  1. See, this shows you that the longer posts are worth reading. That is some crazy shit. That’s what random number theory is all about, finding patterns in what should be randomness.

  2. energy is thought, thought is energy,
    random generator run via electricity
    energy is electricity
    random generator’s electricity flow has changed when interupted by
    thought energy/electricity flow
    the effect was caused by the near future time global reaction to the
    911 event
    the four hours after first impact created the most intense human
    thought energy output reaction
    the random generator picked up a future time “MIRROR-REFLECTION” of
    this soon to be felt collective thought energy

  3. That’s the dumbest explanation for it I’ve ever seen.

    There are more types of energy than just damned electricity. The way you describe it it’s like humans generate this huge electromagnetic field that change the flow of electricity globally because they are thinking sooooo hard.

  4. interesting reaction from Pender . . . . DENIAL
    Denial=Pender survival
    Question for Pender: do you really feel that is the dumbest explanation you’ve ever heard? I think we are both capable of creating an explanation that is far dumber. Still, the question remains, you took the time to state that this was the dumbest.

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