Glooscap Struts His Stuff

glooscap is well hungCorrective surgery set for Glooscap:

Some motorists travelling Highway 104 toward Truro claim the statue looks like it has an appendage not intended by its sculptor emerging from its midriff.

Ribald humour and giggling 10-year-olds aside, the illusion is being taken seriously.

“We may have to take the arm off and get it bent up a little bit more and get his fingers on a staff with an eagle on the end of it, to take that illusion away,” said Lawrence Paul, chief of Millbrook First Nation.

I’ve driven by it many times and never noticed.


3 Replies to “Glooscap Struts His Stuff”

  1. oh yeah bend it “up” a little more that will help…man I must have missed something in all those gloosecap “tales”….

  2. Drove by this on the weekend. Didn’t quite get the angle that the photographer was on. My was agreed that it could be seen as a big dick. The fucking thing is huge!

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