Gmail Invitations Available

Update: Come get your Gmail account with a click of a mouse; no contests or anything. Come And Get ‘Em: Gmail Accounts!

Update: Sorry, no more Gmail invitations to give out. If I get anymore I’ll create a new, exciting contest.

I have six (6) five (5) four (4) three (3) two (2) one (1) Gmail invitations to give out; however, to receive one you’ll have to work for it:

Describe how you first learned about Steel White Table.

I’m not sure how I’ll judge this, but something that makes me laugh will probably score a lot of points. I’ll end the contest when all winners are selected, or if after awhile no suitable entries are submitted (then I may create a different contest).

(Contest idea stolen from J-Walk)

5 Replies to “Gmail Invitations Available”

  1. Well, here we go :)

    Unfortunately, I don’t exactly remember how I first learned about it. But what I do remember is which entry got me hooked – it was the evolution of a programmer post, which was also the first of many links I shamelessly copied from your Blog…

    Since then I’m hooked, and your Blog is one of the few that make me laugh and think with almost every entry you create.

    I hope there are people who earn your invitations more than I do, after all, I can’t see how this could make you laugh :)

  2. Guido: Given the nature of your site I would have guessed you already had a gmail account. Shit, man – I would’ve given you one earlier had I known.

    So, one’s yours. And thanks for the compliments (although that’s not the intent of this contest).

    That’s five left for the taking, although this IS still a contest, kinda.

  3. It’s been almost 12 hours and only one person has responded. Humph. Maybe my contest was too hard. I DO get a lot less traffic during weekends. In any case, I’m changing the contest. Thanks for ALL those who responded to this one, though.

    I’ll keep the comments open to this post, just in case someone gets creative before all the invitations are given out.

  4. Googled for “Gmail invites” updated within the last few hours and your site came up. Would appreciate the invite nonetheless as I’m about to set off on a three month trip around Australia and could use the storage space.

  5. You were making this site and told me to keep looking at it. Gimme gmails! 10 of them!!!!