Gmail Invitations Available, Part 2

Update: Sorry, no more Gmail invitations to give out. If I get anymore I’ll create a new, exciting contest.

My previous contest must’ve been too hard (the ONLY reason I can think of), so here’s a new one if you want to receive one of five (5) four (4) three (3) two (2) one (1) Gmail invitations I have:

What are you listening to?

Update: Come get your Gmail account with a click of a mouse; no contests or anything. Come And Get ‘Em: Gmail Accounts!

8 Replies to “Gmail Invitations Available, Part 2”

  1. Believe it or not, I’m listening to Whole Wheat Radio where Lucy Webster is playing right now. In case I win though, well, give it to someone else. I still don’t know what Gmail really is or why I’d want it. I love getting spam in my Hotmail and Yahoo catch-all email accounts. Unless you really think I *should* have Gmail. :-)

  2. By the oddest of coincidences, I’m listening to WWR, too. Though Lucy Webster’s over, so I’m listening to a Bobby Lynn track that Jim must have slipped in. But I’ve got too many invites to give away myself, without adding any more.

    Getting harder to get rid of them, isn’t it?

  3. > Getting harder to get rid of them, isnít it?

    Who would’ve thunk it? I think the fad must be finally wearing off.

    I agree with Jim though: if what you have already works, stick with it. I use it (gmail) now because:
    1) I have an unreasonable bias against hotmail.
    2) My yahoo (oops – Yahoo!) account gets 6,000 spams a week.
    3) My internet provider’s account is reliably unreliable

  4. Someone already said “the voices in my head,” which is what I would have said, but I would like to add that they told me to read your blog :)

    (Actaully listening to: Sloan’s “Pretty Together”)

  5. I’m listening to your momma! Was she the one that made Yoshi’s Island – Super NES – Boss Theme? I’m pretty sure she was, so I’m sticking with my answer. Gimme 10 gmails!!

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