Gmail Loading Problem

This page has been showing up for the past two days whenever I try to access my Gmail account. I get a “Loading…” message for about 30 seconds or more, and then this page.


I’ve cleared my cookies (which sounds like a new phrase for puking) and it happens with IE and FireFox and on several PCs. The help center link was pointless.

Anyone ever have this problem?

I can access my account through the HTML link, but waiting up to a minute for the page to load is a drag.

UPDATE: I contacted the Gmail folks through the help center link, filled in the blanks and sent them a report about my problem. The next day everything was working.

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4 Replies to “Gmail Loading Problem”

  1. That isn’t occurring with me. Did you install anything recently? New Firefox extensions? They often do pre-processing on pages, which can slow the loading of pages a lot.

  2. I’ve had this problem, usually when I’m at my parents trying to get to my email. They have dialup, which I suspect is part of the problem.

  3. I contacted Gmail through their help center yesterday. Everything seems to be back to normal today… so far.

    Gmail takes maybe an extra second to load (a slight delay), but that’s it.

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