Go Habs

To all my friends who are Habs fans, you have my support for this play off run. Here is why. You’ve finally realized Halak is your #1 trade Price (not to the Leafs). Where did this team come from! Was is Gainy after all? Also two of my favourite former Leafs have greatly helped — Gill and Moore. I would have loved to see Moore with Kessel — he made Blake look good. Go Habs! (Good for this play off run only.)

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  1. For whatever reason, Price has been super unlucky this year. His save percentage is .912, which is respectable. He has had about half a dozen games this year where his team has had no reason for being in the game and he has kept it close. Last week the Habs lose 2-1 and he is given the 3rd star of the game, as he was easily the best player from the Habs and a good portion of the fans boo him.

    Price will probably be traded, and whoever he goes to, Price will end up being awesome. Gainey forced the coaches to play him too young and too early. Can’t do that with goalies… not in Montreal.

    Having said that, unless they get a deal they can’t refuse, I think they hold on to him.

    Jody, I am glad that you identified this as sports.

  2. whoa … what is this…next to computery speak this too is greek to me…probably why rekounas knows all about it…something about players and teams….is it cricket they speak of….bread and circuses people…bread and circuses…..

  3. I copied this post from a comment a friend made on Facebook. (I didn’t even read it carefully for typos.) I was in the process of removing 95% of my Facebook friends — anyone I don’t or have never hung out with in real life. (I now was 12 Facebook friends.) This comment was from my friend, Dave, who I do hang out with, though I have no interest in any of his thoughts on sports. I stopped following hockey after Guy Lafleur left Montreal. I stopped following baseball after Toronto got rid of all their best players. Sometimes I wish I did follow sports so I’d have more to talk about with some of my friends, but screw it.

  4. I was on a working road trip for the past 5 days. Had to share a hotel room for 4 nights. So I ended up watching some hockey, my first time in about 10 years at least. I didn’t watch any full games, just the last periods, but it wasn’t bad.

    I’ll watch the finals if Montreal makes it to the finals. The way they’re playing now, they could make it to the next round.

  5. Anybody catch the Habs game last night? I missed it, but apparently it was a good one. They could be playing the Bruins next for a classic showdown. I still won’t bother watching, though, until they make it to the finals.

  6. Well, Phillip… you missed a barn burner! Next round is the Flyers and the Habs. Polar opposites in terms of style. The Flyers are a bunch of goons. Their series against the Bruins was of similar style of team play, so they really cancelled each other out. Also taking into account the Bruins were the lowest scoring team in the NHL, was it really a surprise that the Flyers were able to come from behind to beat the Bruins? The Habs on the other Hand have faced 5 of the top 10 scorers in the NHL in the first and second rounds and have shut them down nicely. On top of that, they have a sniper right now that has 12 goals in 14 games!

    Should be an interesting series. I haven’t missed a minute of any of the Habs games yet… but I will be missing game 4 due to a wedding…. damn weddings! You should be able to move them as per play-off hockey or world cup of soccer dictates. I had a coach one time tell me that during his honeymoon, his new wife ragged on him for turning on the game… he said to her, “this game, I have never seen this game before, but we have done the naughty plenty of times. I already know the outcome.” I think they are still married.

  7. Did the Canadiens suck last night or did they suck? 6-0 for Philly. I only saw minutes of the game here and there and couldn’t believe the score every time I saw it go up.

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