group hug:

the idea is for anyone to anonymously confess to anything. it actually feels kind of good to know that someone will read it… the purpose of this site is not to tell funny stories or be as vulgar as possible. the point isn’t to get a thrill on posting lies about you and your livestock. the purpose, if there is one, is to offer a little bit of relief from your conscience. this web site is not a message board or an open forum. we’d love it if you would cooperate just a bit.

Some samples:

– I once sold my friend fake marijuana. He bought it for 30 dollars. What started off as a joke became a serious oregeno trafficing scam.

– I’m drunk right now.

– i hate rap…that wouldn’t sound so bad untill i tell you i’m black

Submit your own.


  1. most of those confessions are fake. everyone just posts stuff that is borderline and some of them get deleted, some of them stay. i think i’ve got a few on there that i made up.

  2. Here’s my confession.. I think that site is shit and you’ll never clear your conscience by writing stupid anonymous things on there. Suicide, it’s ALWAYS an option.

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