Good CD-ripper for Vista?

I recently got a new PC pre-installed with Vista. It seems like a half decent operating system so far. My main complaint is: things that used to work don’t work anymore because they’re incompatible with Vista. My older version of WordPerfect isn’t compatible with Vista (so I’m switching to OpenOffice). Neither is my older version of Nero, my old video editor and a few other applications I use on a regular basis.

The latest to show signs of incompatibility is my CD-ripper: AudioGrabber. So I’ve switched to CDex instead. The help feature doesn’t work. Besides that, no major problems — yet. (I’m testing my first CD as I write this.)

Anyone have any problems using CDex on their Vista PC? Any recommendations? Anyone on vacation? How’s your vacation going?

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  1. I’ve been using CDex 1.51 with Vista for over a year. No problems. Except for the Help system — which I don’t need.

    If you really need the help you can download this:

    I think I’ve ripped more than 1,500 CDs with this program. But not a single one when I was on vacation. Wait a minute… I think I’m always on vacation. It’s going well, thank you.

    BTW, I hope you figured out how to disable that User Account Control nonsense In Vista.

  2. > I’ve been using CDex 1.51 with Vista for over a year. No problems.

    That’s all I needed to hear. Thanks. I’ll see how it works out, though. I ripped Burning Spear’s “Marcus Garvey / Garvey’s Ghost” while I wrote the post. The rip took much longer than AudioGrabber.

    And this article showed me how to disable the Vista permission crap.

  3. I’m on vacation, if you can call Friday-Monday a vacation, and if a vacation means 8 hours at a friend’s cottage on Sunday. But its good, thanks ;)

  4. Vista has a few nice features, but too many of my old applications are incompatible or not running properly. I would have preferred a new PC with XP.

  5. I have trouble using cdex on vista. It just says that the program have stopped working it really sucks can anybody help?

  6. Cdex won’t work on my vista machine but is ok on my xp machine. There is a lot of software that doesn’t run on Vista–stay away from that os at all costs.

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