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A quote from this article in The Tyee:

Now, strangely, he [John Armstrong] finds himself asked by young people for advice on how to get ahead in the workaday world. He hears himself telling the opposite of what he grew up hearing, which was: “‘Get a college education, you don’t want to be a plumber like your uncle Max.’ Well, f**kin’ right you do. Plumbers make 80 bucks an hour!”

So why did everyone in my world when I was growing up tell me I needed a higher education? It’s all I ever heard.

I want some good answers by the time I get home from work today.

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  1. It’s because everyone told everyone they needed that higher education, and there weren’t enough people left that just became plumbers. So now all the higher educated folks are in abundance and no one needs to pay that much for em anymore. Meanwhile the lowly plumbers are in short supply, and command far more money. I think i’ll tell my kid to get a job in the business of telling people how to get jobs. That’s probably a lucrative market… FOR NOW!

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