Google Adds Chat To Email

gmail folders with chatI noticed a new “Chat” folder in my Gmail account today:

Get Google Talk so you can chat and make free voice calls with friends. Your Google Talk chat history can be automatically saved right here in your Gmail account. Also coming soon: chat in Gmail!

I don’t use Google Talk often, but it would be convenient to have it integrated with email; however, I’m considering getting a new email account. I get almost 1200 spam emails a month to my gmail account now. I don’t see most of it, but man, that’s ridiculous.

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  1. I just tested it: your Google Talk sessions are stored as threads in your Gmail Chat folder. Very nice! In your Mail Settings there’s now a “Chat” tab where you have to select “Save chat history in my Gmail account”.

  2. That is a crazy amount of spam. I get very little spam on my yahoo account. My hotmail account; nothing but spam!

    Gmail interface for me was weird to get use to but now I don’t mind it. Now if I could only find a way to merge my Rogers, Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail accounts together, that would be sweet!

  3. I had to uninstalled GoogleTalk because it resets various levels on my soundcard without prompting first; nor does it return the soundcard settings to the previous settings when you turn it off. And when you have other audio programs (home studio stuff, webcasting, etc.) that require specific settings, it’s a real headache having to reset those settings every time I want to use them now because of GoogleTalk.

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