Google Talk Keeps Getting Better

Google Talk transferring filesGoogle Talk was released almost a year ago as an alternative to Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, and many other instant messaging software available.

The major features I like about Google Talk are:

  • Its interface isn’t busy and cluttered, unlike Yahoo’s mess.
  • Its integration with Google’s Gmail is convenient: it saves chat conversations in your gmail account, so you can easily review past conversations.

And now, Google Talk has added the ability to transfer files between users and leave voicemail if someone isn’t available.

I wish Google Talk had the ability to chat with more than one person at a time, as in a chat room. I’m sure they’ll be adding that feature soon enough.

I’m surprised the internet’s spine has not been broken yet with the useless traffic that’s increasing every day.

Note: Your version of Google Talk may not have these new features yet. Google tends to roll out updates to clients over a week or so.

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  1. Yes, that sounds rather cool and all, but the picture (apparently related) makes me wonder if this is a software thet is used to spread viruses and such; the file “Super_Cookies.txt” is probably not a text -file, but some kind of other program, or the recipee is far too long to put out because the file seems to be 6.6MB, and I recon that good ol’ 3.5″ disk (3,5MB at max) could contain more than one bible in the given format. I wouldn’t have the guts to read that file…

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