Greg Brown’s 2011 CD

I picked up Greg Brown‘s latest album, Freak Flag, today. I’m sampling it now. Nothing is jumping out at me. Deep voiced Greg, exaggerating the country twang in some songs, a bit too much for my tastes, leaning dangerously into honky tonk territory. No catchy tunes. Nothing great but okay, I suppose.

Thus ends my review based on sampling the album in five minutes.

Note: This is only a five-minute review of the album. More details notes will appear in the comments.

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2 Replies to “Greg Brown’s 2011 CD”

  1. I put it on repeat mode, and we’re hearing for the third time. It’s a fine album. Nothing really stands out (except maybe “Let The Mystery Be,” but that’s just cuz of his wife). But nothing makes me want to skip to the next track either.

    • Ditto. Now that I’m giving a good listen, it’s not too bad. “Let The Mystery Be” is the immediate stand out. I can tell “Where Are You Going When You’re Gone” is destined to become a skipped track.

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