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  1. was thinking of taking anja to see hanna this weekend…kinda a father daughter outing….whatcha think phillip have you ran out and seen this movie yet?

  2. so all in all a family flick to share with my 14 year old… we are getting old phillip…I have a 14 year old…eeeeesh….

  3. Yesterday, May 14, was World Naked Garden Day. In Newfoundland that would be Freeze To Death In The Cold And Fog Day. There’s a day for everything, isn’t there?

  4. yeah….I tried that yesterday…got an arrow up the arse….turns out there is a bow season on sasquatch out here…the guy was friendly and all…and with my girth fair mistake…..he claims he thought I was a bigfoot with mange….thus accounting for my lackluster pelt…

  5. F–k …It is all still here…..what am I going to do with the 80lbs of jello, 25 lbs of whip cream, the four kids swimming pools, too alligators and six strippers that are on the way here….man ..I gotta call my visa card and stop that order now……or not…..

        • thanks phillip I was going to try and draw a picture for jode…hey jody you have inspired me with the car talk and I have sent steph out to look at late model wrangler jeep unlimiteds as a replacement “family” car for our broken down van…no it!

          I am going to sell the bmw with the side car….

          • That non-event the other day wasn’t news. It’d only be news if it occurred – that’s why it was off my radar.

            You sure love your gas-guzzling jeeps.

      • Hi Jody,

        I know this is not the right place to message you, but I think you are the only person who can delete my comment under the ” Roll up the rim” comment board. Can you please delete my name, and my comments as well?

        Thank you very much.

  6. I tried to make beer can BBQ chicken today. All the fat on the chicken caught fire in the first ten minutes, giving the chicken a nice black coating. I turned the heat down so as not to burn it to a crisp, but it didn’t cook enough, so I turned up the heat again and it smoked like crazy again. In the end the chicken tipped over with the can still in it, and I put it in the oven for 15 minutes to make sure it was well done because it didn’t look fully cooked. Maybe we didn’t remove enough beer from the can. The can was almost full. I’m not sure what we did wrong. Oh well.

  7. just watching Durham County….this is one gritty tense series…I likey….Phillip curious what you think…..

    • Hugh Dillion is a good actor, and I met him for one day during the filming of “Down to the Dirt.” He had more presence than anybody. It was easy to see that he was on a different level than everyone else. He’s excellent.

      But nope, I never bothered watching “Durham County.” I don’t watch TV, especially not CBC dramas. I don’t know what it is, but every CBC drama looks exactly like every other CBC drama. I can watch a show for two seconds and tell you if it’s a CBC drama. They don’t grab my interest.

      I probably should watch Canadian TV, but I don’t. I don’t even watch “Republic of Doyle.” I saw two episodes of the first season and then lost interest. They’re doing good work, everyone’s getting rich off the show and everyone in Newfoundland loves them, but… meh. I gravitate more towards bees these days.

      However, I am in the process of watching all four season of “Mad Men” for a second time. Now that’s a cool, entertaining show. And “Treme,” I love it. And I still think “Peep Show” is the funniest show I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched every episodes multiple times and I keep laughing my ass off.

      But nope, can’t say anything about “Durham County.”

  8. la la la lala….it is cool dancing around here in my underwear…if you yell really loud you can hear an echo echo echo echo… one around one to be found…nice….I like it…

  9. ya I know but I just coming here to poke around…and get all excited when I see you have posted or commented…its the little things…very little things that make me happy…yeah…I know…any my wife…there its been said….gee I do not know why you gave this intellectual hot bed of interaction up…

    am I kicked out of your google circle yet..or are ya keeping me on like a retarded cousin….. oh yeah retarded is not the right word….mentally challaged but gifted in other spheres way ….. good thing I do not have to go looking for work…yet…..

  10. it just will not die…whooo hooo… I see activity…some slight activity…it is alive…its isa ALIVEEEEE…

  11. Hey…did you leave the door open over her…I mean I know Pender has a key but what is it with the deluge of comments lately.

    Pender…I come here to get emergency medical advice from you. That time my hair was on fire and you told me to put my head up my arse..did the trick.

  12. I’m not a “real” “doctor” but I have common senses, and my senses right now tell me that your head probably stank. Should probably put some bacon on it.. I’m pretty sure that’s a valid medical treatment for stinkyness, it’s just too bad the fire went out, can’t cook it without heat.

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