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  1. Anybody wake up at 4 o’clock this morning? I did. Wide awake. I got back to sleep around 6 and woke up at 7. I’ll need more than one coffee to get through my day.

  2. jody…last night while the travails of municipal politics and stewardship swirled about me…I sat transfixed on my dayplanner and the map within…..yeah going all the way to phillips may not be an option…but driving around pei and then cape breton may…I have relations on the smaller Island that I should probably say hi to and I would have to stop outside antigonish to vist the matriarch but beyond that just ride ride ride…..september 2009…we need a title, or catch phrase and some goofy tour shirts…yeah…

  3. Hey…Steve I like the idea…I had not thought of tying it in with this “world” but yeah..

    …swt square wheels tour…

  4. Whoo Hoo!

    Ontario is getting to be a bit like home every day….soon to be a have not province and aquiring equlization payments…now if only I can start a freshwater lobster fishery and open a coal mine here in Owen Sound all will be well….

  5. last night 10:00 in the rain…the shultzy mobile was running and I went for a wet but enjoyable rumbly ride around….the side car is a hoot…..took about 15 minutes to get it started…it is a kick start…not bad after sitting all winter….the kids are excited…will take them to school on monday…will try to send a pic…

  6. i think the new guest book should just be called..”tommy’s room”‘ ..yeah when I am bad I have to stay in my room….and phillip could come in and beat me….ohhh as ron james would say….” ..I am getting all warm in my secret spot”…or something like that….

  7. ….was just offered lenord cohen tickets for june 7 concet in Toronto….had to refuse them cause it ‘s the same night as the nana mourskuri concert….

  8. I may be may be the roger whittikar concert…I always think of those two together…nana and roger…would have been just as good as the rush and marillion concert…till my dying days I will regret not going to that….

  9. Hey j-walk is gone away…get ready for the deluge in readership it may triple to nine readers

    When you are “babysitting” does j-walk let ya use the stereo? Does he leave pop and chips?

  10. I was working on a film shoot last week and one of the crew, right in front of me an bunch of people, began picking her nose. Rolling it up, looking it at and flicking it. (At least she didn’t eat it.) We all pretended not to see it, and no one spoke about it afterwards, but it was disgusting.

    When did picking your nose in public become an acceptable thing to do? I’ve been in a car a few times when the person in the passenger seat gave it a pick. Maybe public nose-pickers don’t realize there is a such a thing as peripheral vision.

    Thus ends my thought du jour.

  11. phillip do not live in fear…you should have said something…those opportunites when presented can be wonderful, discomforting and tense…but wonderful…of course allowing that the person does not sign your cheques, is larger than you or can run faster….

  12. that issue about shaving head made it to J- walk’ s blog….I have been shaving my head for years…I still cannot get “fired”

  13. In the spirit of giving back to the community and since I was browsing the site I figured I would sign on the guestbook…..but I couldn’t find it.

    The “guest book” (can you see my fingers do the condescending quotations thing) appears to be more of a blank post with comments turned on then a real guest book.

    How am I to feel as a guest when the front entry mat is nothing more than a burlap sack that has been cut along the seams and draped over a deep mud puddle?

    Well that being as it is. I guess I will comment rather than sign. This is a good thing since commenting is much more fun than signing. Commenting means you want my opinion and you are in luck since I love to give my opinion.

    Well here it is:

    So I sit besides Jody, at his new place of employment, and have heard alot of fanfare about this little ball of fur and drool. Almost to the point that I thought I was getting a new puppy. Well I am glad to say after a few weeks that puppy mania has started to subside. I have gotten back to the notion that it is Jody’s dog not mine and the universe has once again come into balance.

    There. That was it.


    Hey! where is the spellchceker?

    No proper guest book, no spellchceker? What kind of information technologist built this place??

  14. I do, have a report to finish, but this seems so much more fun. I would love to use the word funner but I think you may have a hemorrhage considering you griefed me on the fact alot was really 2 words.

  15. sniff….sniff….Jody has a new puppy and a new friend…..booooo hoooooo ….bawwww wahhhhhhhhhh…….sniff sniff……

  16. phillip, j-walk has a post about a cereal you might find interesting in light of your dining expereinces…..

  17. jody go to foodlinkgreybruce there is a short video of Bruce County…we live technically in Grey county but the two are quite similar….white rodents and white people..not a whole lot of diversity up here…skinny people…fat people…I am well ensconed in the latter….

  18. I saw the new Batman movie. It’s twisted and dark and definitely not for children. I’m not a fan of any of the previous Batman movies, but this one is worth seeing. It will mess you up, especially if you’re expecting a typical super hero movie. And Heith Ledger is likely to win a posthumous Academy Award as the Joker.

  19. hello….hello……anybody home? The dog ate them…it ate them all…then phillip flew into town trying to find out what happened and the dog ate him…

  20. oh yeah Jody go check jwalks blog about the guenia pig picnic..I mean festival…that is if you are not dog poo

  21. I saw the new Batman movie last night. The theater was packed, to my surprise.

    The movie was OK. Special effects and explosions often filled the screen with close-up shots – I didn’t know what was going on. The drama and morality messages were in-your-face, but it was neat how the characters evolved (not knowing them from the comics). I liked Iron Man more.

  22. I didn’t notice the special effects in the new Batman movie. Not once did I think, “That’s CGI.” They tried to weave a complex and dramatic storyline, but most of that was lost on me. I broke it down simply: That guy is doing a good thing, and this guy is doing a bad thing. I wasn’t drawn into it emotionally — I didn’t care about of the characters. But neither was I indifferent. It was all well done and well acted. I didn’t know what was going on some of the time, but it didn’t matter to me. I don’t expect great depth from movies with comic book origins. That said, it’s nothing like any other super hero movie I’ve ever seen. I enjoyed Iron Man more, too, but that comes down more to a matter of taste, apples and oranges. The Dark Knight will be on many best of the year lists.

  23. ahh..can ya change the picture back to some tranquil east coast aquatic scene…you know like a seal clubbing….the dead cat thing just is not working for me…its all about me…ya me…just got back from Algonquin Park, took both kids….five six hour paddle in hour and half portages…henry mastered the terra firma aspect of carrying a paddle through a portage but had some difficulty with the understanding of a paddle in the aquatic sense…the word for today is aquatic….

  24. the brudder gets “shipped out” september 10 or so….I’ll let ya know how he makes out…it is a six month posting…

  25. I am in council right now….I am a guinea pig for using computers for council meetings….cool…now………I can just hang out here…ain’t democracy grand….I really think we should return to some form of ruling class…I am living proof that democracy is flawed…

  26. trying to get early results of election in the homeland through this bloggy computer thingy but alas I have failed…

  27. Hey I think Jody may have some terminal condition. I just recieved a box of books, some good books, did I mention goood books. I figure this is my bit of his inheritance…so send your condonlence cards quick…

    Jody post those dog photos…

    sorry for sending that other thing I should have just sent the link

  28. Dad gives me books when he’s done with them and I have little interest in most of the stuff he reads: politics, history, war…

    I gonna send you some Wharton books soon.

  29. I gonna send you some Wharton books soon.

    Jody, if you can find my original pocket sized paperback editions of Wharton’s books, I’ll send Tom my big trade-paperback editions. The trade paperbacks are fine, but I miss my original beat up regular paperbacks. Missing originals are: Pride, A Midnight Clear, Dad and Scumbler. (And those are the trade paperbacks I don’t mind parting with.)

  30. > if you can find my original pocket sized paperback editions of Wharton’s books

    The only one of yours I found was a hardcover of Houseboat on the Seine.

  31. yeah and an orca chasing him…like richard harris and that angry mammal in the movie of the same name…yeah…that movie spooked me as a youngster…I gotta try and find a copy…Phillip?

  32. The current banner image could use a little guy in a row boat rowing by the island. An animated GIF.

    Make it happen!

  33. What? I’m somehow supposed to know where you can find a copy of that piece of crap movie with Bo Derek? (She gets her leg bit off.) Hmm… I gotta find a copy of that movie.

  34. phillip just finished watching when did you last see your father…..first thoughts…how the brits or austrialians or anybody other than hollywood are simply good story tellers….are able to use film to portray a story…I watched the band or the band visited about the egyptian police band that gets stranded in an israely town…on the weekend… ..similar thoughts….just an enganging story……but what I really wanna watch is some black and white aquatic mammal…chowing down of some luckless humans…orca orca orca orca……..

  35. all this military stuff..phillip I was looking to buy an old bbc series I had a soft spot for “piece of cake” and I began searching the web for a movie I had seen years ago but could only remember snippits of it…found it…it was called dark blue world…I remember really liking the the begininng and the end…if you ever get a chance take a gander..curious what you think….I belive it may be in the foriegn section of whatever video business you frequent….I am going to try and obtain a copy…the flight scenes are fantastic…I get the same gushy feeling whenever I watch the old version of captains courageous with the fishing schooners…images of actual machines and men that will never be attained again…..recreated by cgi but never to take place again…I still have as a fond memory…. standing on the tarmac at shearwater as an 8 year old watching one of the last remaining spitfires twist and dance during a very low key airshow…fabulous to watch….I know I know weapon of death blah blah..but there is or was something very graceful to that model of aircraft in flight…..

    oh yeah the brudder is home in winnipeg for three weeks….one minute in the sand and shit…20 hours later in the cold embrace of a canadian prarie city…I like my life…a lot….

  36. any one else spooked by the rehtoric from our prime minsiter mugabe…I mean harper….

    he is a grand propogandist….I am spooked….

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