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  1. hey are you going to start doing that other blog..cause I could probably afford your add rate…let me know and I will find something to sell..yeah oh yeah….

  2. J-walk gets 10 more of everything this site does: traffic, revenue, posts, etc, which will attract ad folks. I’d be open to adding custom ads here, but no one would buy them except you!

  3. based on that formula I could afford a years worth….sign me up…hey got a new website for the market i think it “feels” better…still working on it….

  4. happy fat stranger in a red suit giving out candy and presents to children, flying around in a magical sliegh with flying ungalats day….

    hope you guys get some “restful” family time, the kids have fun , and no one becomes wally poop….

    ho ho ho

  5. Phillip just got in and was thinking of you …. no I do not have an erection….

    Just went up to see slumdog millionaire…we have a sixplex here but it tends to bring in the 6 worst movies everyweek….

    I have heard the hype so I went with some trepidation…the first half with the stunning…the rest is fine…but I was sucked in completely during the first half…

    but better…reason number 31 why I like living in small starts at 9:40 I leave my house at 9:44…get to theatre…get tickets…tip the student at the front cause I know him..(was not so much a tip, he tried to give me free refreshments, I refused and left the 45 dollars the pop and popcorn would have cost me)…go into the theatre, the trailers are over and the movie is just beginning, I quickly realize that I am the only one there…I have gone before with a friend and we have been the only two but this was the first time I have sat through an entire movie in a public theatre and no one came in…no one…

    so of course I stripped down rubbed the double buttered popcorn all over my body and enjoyed the movie…really wish I had bought the twizzlers…

    just thought you should know this

  6. Tom, when you were rubbing the butter all over yourself, well, um, yeah, sorry, but… you weren’t alone. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

    I agree with you about Slumdog. It didn’t hold any surprises for me, but the first half is the most engaging. I saw 4 of the Oscar-nominated movies (I get lots of free passes), all of them except Milk. I don’t think there are any bad movies in the bunch, but my vote would have gone to The Reader.

    Jean de Florette kicks all their asses, though.

  7. Dear Jody,

    I don’t know how to reach you so I thought of leaving you a message here. I am one of those who misunderstood your website obviously into Timmie’s site that in the year 2005, I made a comment about Tim Hortons there. I just wanted that deleted now. Can you please do that for me? My friends are making fun of me everytime they see that on google, lol…..

    Thank you so much.

    JudyAnn ( pls hide my email add)

  8. Hi JudyAnn,

    I’ll be glad to delete it, but did you learn your lesson? The internet never forgets. :)

    Can you send me the link to the comment you want deleted? On the left side of your name with the comment there’s a # symbol. Click that, then copy the address at the top of the browser and paste that in an email to me.

    I tried sending you an email using the address you left within the comment but it was invalid – it got bounced back.

  9. I know what it’s like, Judy Ann. I might be running for political office in a few years. Before I make a run for it, though, I’ll have to delete pretty much everything I’ve ever posted on this blog.

  10. You big friggin chicken Phillip….live by the internet..die by the internet….

    we might wanna have a chat before you run for office…unless your running with the big boys….cause I don’ t know or wanna know about provincial or federal….in terms of municpal…at least here it is like a high school popularity contest….and people over 60 are those who vote ….gotta get to those old folks homes and pass out the viagra and prunes….of course not caring if you ever get elected again…gives one great freedom and means commenting on world renowned blogs like this cause no fear or concern…..having a funky sign also helps for the first time….

  11. hey whats this my comment is awaiting moderation…eeesh am I on probation or sumfin….what I gotta spell and use sytanx now…eeeesh….

  12. Was thinking of your potential interest in municipal office phillip, if you are serious you should begin by applying to a number of city advisory committees. Most municipalities operate on some form of committee system. Operations, Planning or Parks and Rec (they may be organized differently) would be some of the ones you should aim for. This would allow you some experience in terms of how the system operates and allow you to intercourse with both staff and sitting councillors. Do this now. I was on various committees for almost five years before I ran for office. During the election the knowledge and familiarity with issues and how they can be addressed in a pragmatic manner set me apart from the other two new candidates. It was still very difficult to do this with the incumbent councillors, for some their there obvious breath and depth of the issues I could not challenge with authority….best lesson is to know and be confident in saying “I do not know”….actually as a coucillor I say that often…the cavet being that I will find out…and often the resulting answer is not to the liking of the inquier but I present it back in just as timely a fashion as if it was an answer that would result in me being showered with adulation, praise, thick envelopes of cash, nubile exotic dancers, illicit narcotics etc etc

    seriously give me a call some time if ya wanna chat about this…because in about 18 months I believe I will have a new title as “former councillor …’

  13. phillip did you answer those questions on Jwalk blog…I am curious to your answers…i think you should post them here…

  14. I’ll get back to you later on the future of my political career later. I’m starting on a film shoot tomorrow, which means you won’t see me again until I come out the other end (in about 4 days).

    We can do the J-Walk question thing on SWT after J-Walk has run the course with his question series, which probably won’t last more than a week.

    There are definitely too many comments on this guestbook page. It takes 30 seconds to load. That 30 seconds of my life I can never get back. We rarely get more than 10 comments for anything, so maybe some plugin that displays only the last 10 or 15 comments? That’d work.

  15. go to the market website look at the post about market men…I have a boner…

    (Jody: I added the post he’s referring too below. One of those men is Tommyboy)

  16. left to right….ned “curry boy”, tommy,”market boy”, gary, “dancing cabinet” boy…

    that is a painted bison skull borrowed from the bison vendor….my “boner”..we had a warm spell last week so we all wore our “skirts”

  17. If you haven’t noticed the new banner image, click RELOAD or REFRESH a couple times.

    Eventually we’ll have a rotating banner — a new image every day. J-Walk stole this idea from us, then we stopped doing it, but now we’re stealing it back… now as in eventually.

  18. hey how do I access that number of comments thingy…cause am I finally number three yet..I have goals…you know goals….gotta have goals….being third is my goal…

  19. and scroll down a bit, but here’s the stats as of April 2:

    1. Phillip (1,938)
    2. Jody (1,451)
    3. tommyboy (785)
    4. Pender (738)
    5. rekounas (445)
    6. j (335)
    7. Sharp (318)
    8. Steve (280)
    9. Rebecca (277)
    10. Ryan (263)

    This Comment page is getting to damn long to load. I really do have to paginate these comments.

  20. hey anyone still moaning about the seal our daily bread….

    jody if you watch it near the end the chicken kill line is like what I worked in at P&H foods…I was a cropper…pulled the crop out of the turkeys… I run a market and have worked in plants liike these and I still found this film …..interesting…for the lack of a better term…I would say disturbing….but I knew some of this….yeah disturbing works… the time I wake up tomorrow I will be able to eat meat again..sure glad I buy from a butcher who kills 8 to ten animals a week and I can talk to the two guys (brothers)( actually I even know the meat inspector who inspects the kill line) every week who are responsible for all aspects of the “processing” ……….couldnt get to sleep tonight this may not have helped…and the book I am reading is consumed…eeeesh I got a go find some fluffy thing to read….

  21. > jody if you watch it near the end the chicken kill line is like what I worked in at P&H foods

    What the hell you referring to? Watch what?

    Did you read Fast Food Nation? Made me vegetarian for a few hours. Great book.

  22. Watch “Our Daily Bread” Yes I have read fast food nation and a number of other related titles regarding food supply and production

  23. The butt joint is the simplest joint to make since it merely involves cutting the members to the appropriate length and butting them together.
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  24. I was going to delete that comment, but it’s so bizarre, I’ll think I’ll leave it. It’s probably a spam bot that’s not working the way it should (normally there’d be a link penis enlargement pills).

  25. hey jody you generous bastard…I just got another box of books and holy smoly the postage is big like tell me …. I make biggy package for you…what kinda coffee you like I will make up some market packages for you….oh yeah what are your kids names again…liam…and the girl,,,dont get mad you reader people you he probably can not name my kids off the top of his head either…he can cheat and find the names in posts though..he is sneaky like that…..Kaitlyn….I think

  26. Coming back for good?

    I know someone who’s headed to Cyprus now for some reason, and then going to Afghanistan for his first tour.

  27. Phillip just watched Hank and Mike…the bunny movie…I liked it…it got panned by a number of reviewers and it is not everyones cup of tea…but…I liked the premise, and really liked the bunny suits…you will understand if you ever watch it…it reminded me of why I used to enjoy wormwoods so much in halifax…I did not realize at the time what a gem that was for movie going…in all the places I have lived I have not witnessed or experienced its replication…..

  28. I couldn’t find any – the site purges them after so long. I’ll keep on eye on them from now on until I figure out how to filter his automatically.

  29. whew! we are doing a zoning bylaw amendment tonight and are people mad…I love my job…well not a lot of people just two……but are they ever mad..even our mayor got a little icky with a public member….it truely is an interesting job….the sun will still rise and moon will still set…mayby I should try to sneak a picture……it is on the public cable channel…riviting viewing…welcome to tommyboys live twitter from council…phillip I am wearing a new skirt,a new sport coat and shirt and a new pink tie….same ole boots socks and under garments…no suspenders…no regimental skirt wearing….not at council….

  30. oh my god..politics…the motion was defeated….politics…politics….what a joke..this is kinda fun in a mashochistic way….

  31. Hello

    You have a wonderful raised vegetable garden. I am planning to have one next year in my garden in Akureyri in Iceland.

    Greetings Hafdís

    PS I will probably have some questions later to you guys before I start building :-))))

  32. Phillip put hunger on your to see movie list…just finished watching it….some very effective scenes….and dialogue….I still remember the newscasts about this as a youngster…between this, the russians in afghanastan and regan…it seemed a very scary place….sadly and in retrospect…between, 8 years of bush 2, iraq, and the canadians in afghanastan it seems scarier now…sometimes I think 1984 by orwell was a template of the future…..

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