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  1. hey…I am off to calgary tomorrow…after market…i then jump into some snazy bmw sedan and drive back to owen sound and gotta be back by thursday for baking and meetings…I will try to find a camera tonight and send some photos….oh and phillip the library here has gotten the Foyles War series..brit murder mystery…man I love those things… I am really enjoying this series…

  2. Pretty good list. Duane Allman was the best – no one played better live. The Fillmore East album is phenominal. Good show, Jody.

    Agreeing in Ascot, UK.

  3. I think John posted his comment in the wrong place. This must be for the silly greatest guitar player post. Let’s see how many comments it has now… almost 1800. Jesus.

  4. I saw “Where The Wild Things Are.” It’s an usual movie. I’m not sure what to think of it, but I like it.

  5. just reading on cbc about the bophal union carbide disaster of the eighties…which I remember when it happened being astounded at the loss of life..(same with that lake in camaroon that gave off a gas and killed many)
    I have often quiered since the new york incident..why we in the west did not have a “war on batteries”…just always been curious about this…

    just wondering whatcha think phillip….I mean there are the obvious cynical answers…

  6. Jode help him out will ya!

    basically 4000 people can be killed in an industrial accident…as part of a conglomoration of companies that assist in making cheap stuff for us north americans…and while there is a flury of recriminations there appears to be no long term difficulties for those responsible….

    yet…couple of planes bring down a couple of buildings and a conflict is entered into in the name of retribution and security..mobilizing nations against one another….

    being pendantic and cynical…guess depending on where one lives…ones life may not be worth or valued the same as others..4000 lives here are not worth the same as 3000 there…

    just a thought as I was reading the story….

  7. I think if american forces parachuted in and bombed the factory and people died, there woulda been much more severe repercussions. I don’t think it’s less about the value of the lives and more about the intention.. The CEO at the time could say “well I had 20 safety inspectors on my staff at the time and the accident still happened, so maybe talk to them”. If someone attacked the factory I’m sure india woulda bombed the living shit out of them too.

  8. Hey Phillip Jwalk had a post about the olympic flame…if ya wanna get close to it and blow it out or sumfin…it is going to be in my back yard on december 28..yup it is coming to the megaopolis of Owen Sound and will be situated in the parking lot behind the market. In order to make your nefarious plans you could look at the web cam at the city hall web site…view of the parking lot…yeah we have a city web cam that shows a parking lot…and the end of the market….

    last night at council as it descended into blah blah.. I spent some time on the google streetscape…visited cole harbour, cherry brook, eastern passage….the haunts of my childhood.and youth…..

  9. just watched… the cove….nice bedtime viewing…

    is it schzoprhnia..or just plain hypocrocy that allows me to support the seal hunt but not the dolphin and whale killing industry…….am I just a former now wanna be maritimer pining and falling for a early lifetime of propaganda…..

    Dr. Phil(lip) help me…… me…..

    what would oprah tell me…

    Jode…my very computer literate brother in law is coming so I will send ya some more pics of my soon to be meduim size pooping machine…she will grow to be 60 to 80 pounds…smaller than wally ..what is wally 140??… but bigger than schooner..who is 40 lbs …all of whom are much smaller than tommy at 280 lbs…..

  10. Seals like to be killed though, just look how cute they make themselves appear to be when the hunters run up and bonk them lovingly on the head!

    I think the difference between seal hunt and dolphin/whale killing is volume. Lots and lots of seals, and they propagate like mad, and eat our delicious cods a lot. There’s less dolphins around, and they aren’t very useful. There’s not very many whales at all around so they should be left alone.

    The best hunting is man, but you should start out slow with children, the elderly and the sick, and work your way up.

  11. we have a city web cam that shows a parking lot

    Send us a link.

    the cove… is it schzoprhnia..or just plain hypocrocy that allows me to support the seal hunt but not the dolphin and whale killing industry

    I haven’t seen The Cove yet, but I caution viewers to never allow a film documentary to be one’s single source of information on anything. Whether it’s a documentary or an episode of “24,” film is a form of manipulation. Persuasive and convincing at times, and I love it, but there’s usually much more happening outside the frame than viewers realize. I’m not into killing whales and dolphins, but from talking to people who know about the production, I know The Cove is a bit deceptive in its message (judging from what I’ve read about it).

    As for people killing seals on the ice flows…

    I wouldn’t want to work in the sealing industry, but it is a sustainable industry. Most other animal-killing industries are not. Seals will never become endangered by the seal hunt.

    The ban on seal products in the European Union seems based on misinformation that comes from organizations like Greenpeace. I’m all for protecting wild life and the environment, but I don’t support Greenpeace because they lie about the seal hunt. They present sensationalized and exaggerated information as if were fact.

    The methods for killing seals are more humane than just about anything a cow or pig will go through, but we’ll never see the European Union ban all cow and pig products. Cows and pigs are not butchered outside where animal rights activists can take photos of all the blood and guts against an ice-white background. Cows and pigs also aren’t as cute as seals.

  12. Thanks Pender! Your perspective always assists in my moments of despair.

    Now…I just have to get my fire arms certificate….find an island I can….start a daycare, seniors home and palitive care hostel…

    and a happy hunting we will go…Pender you can be a charter member of the club and no hunting fees for you….

    I feel better already

    Phillip I concour with most everything you have stated in particular the issue of documentaries…eeeesh…the number of conspiracey theorists here is astonishing..evidence based on some 60-90 minute docudrama they have downloaded….

    the only thing I question is the sustainablility of the seal hunt….in terms of the seals..most likely but from an ecomomic stance the seal hunt has little or no ecomomic viability in recent years…I know I am going to get yelled at but the amount of money the government of canada spends promoting and defending the seal hunt dwarfs the actual income derived from this activity…this to me is a far better arguement against the seal hunt…stop subsidizing it…if it is viable ecomomically and the seal population is sufficient then whack away…

  13. By sustainability, I mean environmental sustainability — they’re not killing off the seals or doing permanent damage to the environment. I don’t think that can be said about any fishery (and very few industries of any kind). They can kill all kinds of seals every year, and the seals will keep coming back.

    I’m not sure how much the government subsidizes them. Anyone in Canada who has seasonal work (e.g. most fisherman) get pogey the rest of the year. Beyond that, if there weren’t so many ill-informed protesters making life difficult, they probably could make a half-decent living off the seal hunt without any kind of subsidizes.

    I don’t know enough of the facts to say more than that.

  14. the olympic flame thingy is coming to owen sound on monday…was on the flame site…eeeesh…anyway phillip I will try to jump into some newscasters photo on that day since the jesully thing is going to be right outside my house…well not my house but the building in which I “squat”…I have to have the market open for the event…should be interesting…..

  15. jode hope your hunkered down for the weather you are reportedly getting….sounds crazy for cape breton…

  16. mom left for moncton from st. john’s at noon – was supposed to stop in halifax but they couldn’t – went to toronto instead. dunno how she’s getting home yet.

    it’s awesome snowman making snow!

  17. frig, your mom was just down the road from us…nice…go from newfoundland to newbrunswick and end up in ontario..that is kinda funny…to me..not your mom….

  18. I saw “The Cove,” the documentary about dolphins being slaughtered and the mercury-laden meat being sold at grocery stores in Japan. I know there is more to the story than what’s shown in the film, but killing dolphins is like killing monkeys and gorillas — they’re too much like us, too sentient and self-aware. If dolphins were as dumb and ugly as lobsters, it might be a different story. I’m pretty sure it still wouldn’t sit well with me, but I would have preferred a more unbiased view of the story than what’s presented in “The Cove.”

  19. sitting in budget… capital meeting………have to shave 1.6 mil….hey jode is this like twittering….

  20. happy hang the guy on the cross day…..we should do this more often….I chuckle everytime I read the tom waites line up in the corner…….come down off the cross…we need the wood….

    too busy baking for tomorrow…it is one of the busiest weekends of the year…ahhh commercialization..capitalism…and my socialisticaly, boardering on communistic dicatator adminstered farmers’ market..what a wonderful combination

    I had to order some stuff from our neighbours to the south…amerika…I do not think they get a holiday today…strange considering the nice blend of church and state there…

  21. I think I need to be mentioned in the “about” portion of steelwhite table…you know kinda like the adopted retarded cousin…I mean challenged adopted cousin….

  22. Jody, I don’t think anyone gives a crap about translating anything on SWT to another language. That’s kind of a silly feature that probably seemed like a good idea at the time.

  23. so a mangroomer it is…I am going to send phillip one so he will renounce his current citizenship for that of the great united states…what would it take for you to become kasakstanian phillip?

  24. > what would it take for you to become kasakstanian phillip?

    If it’s not Newfoundland, Home Of The Non-Existent Summer, I’m in.

  25. hey my computer crashed for the fourth time…damn russian porn sites…..anyway…maxed out the visa and got one of these imacie things…..I thought it had to do with free burgers for a year…nope just this funny screen computer thingy….steph wanted a mac…she makes the money sooo….now I have another form of computer hardware to try to use without understanding….

  26. jody and phillip email me at my home address and give me your addresses cause I was unable to get them off my old computer….and I wanna be your friend…will you be my friend….please…jody I gotta forward you some emails I got today….alberta bound…alberta bound….I m goina be alberta bound…..jesus jody if they will hire me out there…sure I can find a job for a highly skilled computerery guy like you……well I have not been hired yet…but alberta bound ….alberta bound…I am going to be alberta bound….it would be hard work like cutting wood in musqedobouit soo many years ago…….but for like 80-100 grand a year…. instead of ten cents a foot….

  27. Tommyboy, I don’t know your home email account. I had 3 or 4 different addresses for you and decided to delete all of them except one. You should get a easy to remember Gmail account like Anyway, you can email me at phillip at mudsongs dot org. And then I’ll give you my real email address.

  28. I was experimenting with something.

    SWT automatically posts notices to twitter as it does with facebook – I never log into them otherwise.

  29. harlen ellison…dreams with sharp teeth….

    fantastic….if only I could be one tenth the crumudgeon he is…he is a a god….

  30. I chortle everytime I am on steve’s blog..checking out the links to see if pender has written anything I should be aware of and steve refers to yous as “artsy fartsy”…I still am looking for the artsy….I am well aware of the fartsy….

  31. I should just write a blog posting and edit it anytime I do anything on the interweb to make your stalking easier.

    I can’t tell if you’re saying that cause it amuses yourself to say, or if I actually amuse you. I guess as long as someone’s amused it’s all good.

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