H1N1 Vaccine Jab

TERMINATOR 2 SYRINGEAnyone get the H1N1 vaccine yet?

I normally don’t get vaccines, but I said what the hell. Getting the H1N1 vaccine is all the rage these days, and I’m always one to jump on the latest trend.

So I got jabbed yesterday. Nothing to it. From the time I got in line to the time I got the injection, it was probably less than 15 minutes.

The side effects so far: It feels like someone punched me in the shoulder. If anything else happens, I’ll report it here (in the comments).

Anyone else get jabbed?

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12 Replies to “H1N1 Vaccine Jab”

  1. I got it too. It was just as you described, I felt the punch too.

    The only difference between you and me was I let my wife and kids get vaccinated weeks earlier in case the vaccine turns people into brain eating zombies.

    Once I could tell they weren’t turning, I went ahead and got it.

  2. Steph — I just added the image of the syringe from your H1N1 post. I had to steal it. It’s the syringe full of industrial cleanser Linda Hamilton stuck in her psychiatrist’s neck in “Terminator 2.” That’s just too cool to pass up.

  3. My testicles were tender for about 3-4 days… had me scared shitless! I was bitchy and crampy and I think I know what women go through once a month now. I don’t know if it was side-effects from the vaccine or if I had some kind of glandular swelling from and developing infection. I was also tired for about 1 week and it seemed like I couldn’t get enough sleep. But overall, I am good.

  4. My arms was very sore until today. It still hurts when I touch it a bit, but it’s not too bad.

    I wouldn’t have been able to play squash with that arm or move my arm over my head for the past few days. I was taking Advil for the pain.

  5. My arm’s a little sore, but nothing that restricts movement.

    The soreness in my arm didn’t kick in heavy until the second day, and then it killed. I was popping pain killers all day that day.

    I had other symptoms, but I can’t directly connect them to the shot. My muscles in general felt stiff, but that may have been the pain from my arm radiating throughout my body. Or maybe I should have stretched before I played a crazy game of squash the other day. I felt kind of depressed too, just a bit of a funk. That came and went. And then I had a bad headache one morning.

    It’s 4 days now and I think I’m back to normal, as normal as anyone with all my genetic defects can be hope for anyway.

  6. Pain killers!!!! I prefer wee… er… I mean playing the Wii. I find that relaxes the muscles and takes away a lot of the pain too. But does it ever make you hungry.

  7. Last evening, just over 24 hours after the shot, my shoulder got a little more sore. It felt like there was a golf ball under the muscle. It hurt enough that I was constantly aware of it, but again, nothing that would restrict movement or give me motivation to take drugs, freelance or otherwise, for the pain.

    I still have a dull headache.

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