Harry Potter Is Dead

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coverThe series, that is. The last volume is released tomorrow, July 21.

I read the first 4, forgetting them within a week after reading them. They’re fun, easy reads, but I don’t understand the hype. There are much better series out there, including Pullman’s His Dark Materials (which is being made into a movie, of course. The trailer is cool).

I don’t know if Harry dies in the end.

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  1. yeah!….finally..the other trailer was for a susan cooper series…I would argue..a better written series..but alas done prior to the media monster that can promote mediocridy or bury brilliance….ohhh i am really not that cranky but there has and continues to be very well written works for youth and young adults beyond and despite the harry potter train…i am really perplexed by the continuing comments that refer to the potter series as watershed and event in writing…..media…promotion…these are the watershed things of importance in this whole endeavor….there are some very well written works far better than potter but alas…few know….garth nix, susan cooper, lloyld alexander, madeleine lengle, monica hughes, john christoper, avi, farmer, just off the top of my head blah blah blah…jesus even artimis fowl… so many elements of the potter series are clearly borrowed from others, (ronald dahl) which is fine, but one should recognize these influences… we don’t, yes there were some very good elements to this “series” but i truely believe it is far from great…good, very good at times but great…..the writers above have works that i would argue are great…..

    sorry jody this laptop thing is soo convient when baking it sits here on the table glued to your site…waiting for a post like an expectant teen waiting for the phone to ring….well not really…but it is handy….

  2. I’m reading Mundy Pond by Roger Maunder now. I read the first Harry Potter book, thought it was okay, tried reading the second one but felt it was just more of the same. I’ve never been able to read numbered books. I’ll watch Star Trek if I want to revisit the same characters over and over again.

    So who gets killed?

  3. Dawn bought the book yesterday and she’s almost completed it. She’s telling what happens, so I can post spoilers here on SWT, YOUR source for all things Harry Potter-ish.

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