Hi There You Sexy God

A young woman entered the elevator with me this morning. She said, “I’m so tired! I hate getting up this early.” It was 10am. I said, “Do you work shifts?” “Yes,” she said. We arrived at her floor. “See ya”, she waved. “Bye”, I said, in my dark, handsome voice.

It always takes me aback when a pretty woman I don’t know starts talking to me.

10 Replies to “Hi There You Sexy God”

  1. I KNOW a CBC reporter, too.

    Well, Ms. CBC reporter? This has GOT to be news worthy, eh?

    This morning, in a Moncton office building, a pretty woman started a conversation with Jody, the insecure yet conceited author of the unknown blog Steel White Table. Jody had this to say afterwards: “My hair must’ve fell the right way after this morning’s shower: I can’t explain it.”

  2. Actually, I think the news angle would be this:

    “Tuesday morning, in a Moncton office building, Jody Cairns, who has failed to mature beyond a junior high school level, worked up his nerve and actually replied to a pretty woman who started the meaningless brand of small talk most of the human race has grown accustomed to. Hours later, the incident still on his mind, Cairns wrote yet another blog entry. The woman, meanwhile, forgot the incident as soon as the elevator doors opened.”

    We would want to post that pic, though.

  3. > who has failed to mature beyond a junior high school level

    What does maturity got to do with it? THIS WAS A MOMENTOUS EVENT IN MY INSIGNIFICANT LIFE!

  4. Jenny does this mean he still masturbates to pictures or kate bush listening to peter gabrial….or was that me…no it was jody….

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