Hidden Faces

Face in wineFind the image of a face in the photos at Hidden Pictures.

The one on the left is the easiest one.

Try not to look at the answers: you’ll wonder how you could’ve missed them.

3 Replies to “Hidden Faces”

  1. I looked at the answer for the first one. After that, knowing what I was looking for, the rest of them were easy. Neat though.

  2. I got all of them except the first as well. Some of them were so blatantly obvious it was dumb, it was like the face was the main thing then they put other stuff around it.

  3. I thought I was looking for images of “faces” in the pics. When I got to the rose, I couldn’t find a face it in but I thought it was cool that I could see a dolphin. I got them all except the first one too.

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