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I just read a sparkling new column by Jenny Higgins in the recently resurrected-one-more-time Newfoundland newspaper, The Independent. The newspaper is an online publication now: TheIndependent.ca. The banner image doesn’t show up for anyone using an ad-blocker (a polite way of hinting that they really need those advertising dollars?), but otherwise the website seems well designed and easy to read.

The Independent was always a fresh and intelligent alternative to other news publications in Newfoundland. Judging from what I’ve read online so far, it still is. Jenny’s bi-weekly column, Past Tense, focuses on interesting but often overlooked aspects of Newfoundland history, and is a welcomed addition to their already impressive line-up of contributors. I plan to keep reading.

P.S.: This has not been a paid-for advertisement. It’s just I think quite highly of anything Jenny does.

UPDATE (August 25/11): Well, it looked promising in the beginning, but the new Independent ain’t so great anymore. I haven’t read it for months. It’s not even on my radar. I can’t go into details without getting into trouble. I’ll just say TheIndependent.ca has little in common with the former print version.

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