Hitchcock or some Jewish guy?

I was working in MontrĂ©al this past weekend and stopped in at Schwartz’s where they serve the best smoke meat sandwiches on planet Earth (more about that in a minute). Along the way, I noticed this face painted on the side of a building:

My first thought was Alfred Hitchcock. But on second thought, it’s probably a famous Jewish politician. Anybody know who it is? I don’t. I’m just curious.

Now check out this smoked meat sandwich, baby!

The waiter asked me, “Pickle and coleslaw?” I said, “Sure, why not!” I said yes to a black cherry soda too. And here’s what all that looked like:

Here it is in my mouth:

And this is what I looked like eating the greatest smoke meat on rye ever:

This has been an unpaid for advertisement for Schwartz’s MontrĂ©al Hebrew Delicatessen. It was the best sandwich I’ve had all year, maybe the best of my life.

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Phillip Cairns is a beekeeper in St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes about beekeeping at mudsongs.org.

5 Replies to “Hitchcock or some Jewish guy?”

  1. damn you Phillip, that looks good! On our summer vacation in Quebec, I had vowed to eat nothing but poutine, which worked out well but prevented me from visiting Schwartz’s, which i’d heard so much about!

    I’m also curious if they will make me a PLAIN version of the sandwich. I just want bread and meat, not the mustard and associated condiments!

  2. I just want bread and meat, not the mustard and associated condiments!

    {Deep sigh of resignation.}

    We had one of your kind in our group. Didn’t want mustard on his smoked meat sandwich. They gave it to him plain, but he was clearly a heathen. And we shunned him appropriately.

    I forgot to mention we had the full treatment: fries included. We’d starved ourselves all day, so we were ready for it. I was almost full after the first half of the sandwich (we all were), but that didn’t slow us down. The food was too delicious and it would have been disrespectful of the meat to leave any behind. Gotta respect the meat.

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