Hockey Isn’t Big In Flint

I’m in Flint, Michigan for the week, and for a post about it I wanted to find some interesting Flint statistics; so I google flint statistics and the first hit is Flint Crime Statistics and Crime Data. Wanting to compare Flint’s crime rate with Moncton, the town I live in, I google moncton statistics and the first hit is hockey statistics.

’nuff said.

4 Replies to “Hockey Isn’t Big In Flint”

  1. There are about 3 crimes happening in moncton every single second. Every time a stoplight changes to red and 2 cars go through, there is crime. Every time some jerk cuts off someone else (or three someone elses in the course of 80 feet of driving), there is crime. Every time someone stays in the passing lane as if it was the non-passing lane and refuses to get the hell out of the way even though they’ve been going the exact same speed as the car beside them for the last 10 minutes, there is crime.

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