Hockey, Vancouver Canucks, Boston Bruins, and Riots

licking stanley cupNice headline to wake up to: Riots erupt in Vancouver after Canucks loss

Riot police fired tear gas, pepper spray and flash bombs in downtown Vancouver Wednesday night to try to disperse angry rioters who set cars on fire, looted stores and taunted police officers after the Canucks’ 4-0 Stanley Cup final loss to the Boston Bruins.

The same thing reaction occurred in 1994 (from same article):

Police tried to nip the violence in the bud by closing liquor and beer stores early, but it appeared to have no effect.

The strategy was also part of an effort to avoid a repeat of the 1994 Stanley Cup riot, which occurred in Vancouver’s downtown area on June 14 that year, after the Canucks lost in the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final in New York against the Rangers.

It’s expected the damage from Wednesday’s riot will far exceed that of 17 years ago.

Sport fanaticism is as bad as religious fanaticism.

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  1. If you watch some of the video of the riots, you can see it’s not fans but thugs pretending to be fans. Like some of the videos show people with mallets and masks breaking windows and robbing the stores… People know that once the anarchy starts, it is hard to get a conviction on some of these crimes. There would have been riots had the team won. This isn’t like English soccer fans who’s aggression is towards the opposing fans. This is senseless random violence.

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