26 Stages Of Death. The first four (plus one):

1} The heart stops
2} The skin gets tight and grey in color
3} All the muscles relax
4} The bladder and bowels empty
. . . .4a – Men will get an erection. No, I don’t know when, exactly. I really didn’t feel like calling up the local mortuary and asking this. And there’s people on my mailing list I could have asked, I bet, but it’s kind of weird popping up and asking that. No pun intended. I’m not sure my parents know what erections are, so I can’t ask them. I did read that this was one of the reasons hangings were so well attended by women, back in the old.days. Big Laffs, seeing the Hung, hung.


  1. For some reason the last week or so I’ve been wondering if I’d want to be cremated or buried. After reading that, DEFINATELY cremated.

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