How I Got A Gmail Account

I’ve been inundated (well, two people so far) about how I got a Gmail account:

  • Who did you have to sleep with to get set up with Google?

    No one. I discovered that the LibrarianInBlack linked to my site, and a few days later she posted that she’s giving three Gmail invitations away. I was one of the first three to reply.

  • How do I get a gmail account?

    It’s by invitation only. From Gmail’s Help Center: As we make way for more accounts, we may periodically allow you to invite others to join Gmail. When we do so, you will see an invitation link in your inbox. If you do not see the invitation link, that means that we are unable to provide you with additional invitations at this time. To invite someone, click on the ‘Invite a friend to join Gmail!’ link in your inbox. You will then be asked to provide an email address and a personalized message to your invitee. The person you invite will be sent a message that includes a link to join Gmail. That registration link will be valid for three weeks and can be used to create only one account.

NOTE: I don’t have any invitations to give out as of August 20, 2004. If I have any to give away, I’ll be posting them as new entries to Steel White Table. See I Don’t Have Any Gmail Invitations! for more information.

Update: Come get your Gmail account with a click of a mouse; no contests or anything. Come And Get ‘Em: Gmail Accounts!

15 Replies to “How I Got A Gmail Account”

  1. Please, i’m lokking for a gmail.. but it’s hard, could you invite please :-)

  2. A note: I rarely have invitations to send out, and when I do get them I ask if friends want them first. Any left-overs will be posted as open invitations to Steel White Table, IF I receive any more.

  3. I have a Gmail account (thanks to Jody), but at this time I don’t have time to explore its wonderfulness. My Yahoo account may not be “as good,” but it does exactly what I want it to do, and I really don’t find saving messages in folders (with Yahoo) instead of with labels (with Gmail) a major inconvenience. So I don’t see myself switching over just yet.

    I do like how Gmail allows me to view the entire thread of my messages, though there are some things that need improvement. To me, it’s all about speed and ease, and right now Yahoo is much faster for me to work with.

    In my Yahoo account, I have an Inbox, a Sent folder, a Saved folder and a Stuff folder. I save bank transactions in the Stuff folder and everything else I want to keep in the Saved folder. (I also have a Trash, Bulk and Draft folder, but they’re not important.) Saving a message into a folder is easy.

    All of my sent messages are automatically saved in the Sent folder, and every month or so I scan through them for ones I might want to save, and then I save them. Though usually when I’ve written a message I want to save, I know right away and save it immediately.

    I immediately delete at least 95% of my received messages after reading them. I read a message, maybe respond to it, then I click “Delete”, “Go Back to Message,” or “Next Message” — and I use all 3 of these options regularly. Messages that are not immediately deleted are either deleted later or saved very easily in one of my folders. This method of reading, responding, and deleting or saving read messages is quick and easy. I see no reason to change it.

    Gmail does not allow me to process my messages with the same speed and ease — at least not yet. I’ve only tinkered with it for a few days, and then realized it was taking much longer go through my messages — and right now I don’t have time to figure out how to speed up the process. This may not be a fault of Gmail, though; I’m used to working with Yahoo.

    Until Gmail provides similar “Delete”, “Go Back to Message,” or “Next Message” options as Yahoo — because it’s these core, easy-to-use functions that make Yahoo convenient for me — then I don’t see myself switching over to Gmail any time soon, regardless of all the other bells and whistles they provide.

    And I never pay attention to any of the ads in Yahoo — so I don’t care how unobstrustive Gmail makes their ads. I still won’t pay attention to them.

  4. I wish that gmail will be for all, but for now it ain’t! if i had one it would be great!
    i have many cool links

  5. Hi there, I appreciate your kindness.
    May I have a GMail invitation?
    I really want to try it.

    Thank you for considering my request.


  6. Hi, may I ask for an invitation to Gmail if you have any to spare? I’ve been looking for this from friends but they ran out. Thanks for your consideration.


  7. Man, considering all the requests for a gmail account from me, despite my clearly stating I have NONE to give out, I should SELL any invitations I may receive.

    I’d never do that, BUT I SHOULD.

  8. Hey Buddy my 10 year old internet savvy Son (Anurag) needs one badly….Can U help please…