How Many Files Are On Your Computer?

number of filesFor Windows do this:

  • Go to the command-line: Start->Run, type “cmd”, and press Enter
  • Type the following, press Enter, then wait until it’s finished:

    dir /s /a-d c:\

For the non-technical folk, “dir” lists the directory’s contents. “/s” means include sub-directories, and “/a-d” means exclude directories from the listing.

You Apple and Linux people can post how to do it in the Comments section.

Post your total from all your hard-drives.

Here’s my work laptop. I’ll post my home computer’s tonight.

Total Files Listed:
339875 File(s) 33,966,350,671 bytes

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  1. Is the he.. or his…me or the other fella? Hey when the new popcorn bags arrive I will send some out…with popcorn in them…

  2. :: /S to include files in all directories beneath:: /A-D to exclude directories:: /W to reduce the amount of data from dir@DIR C:\ /S /A-D /W | sed -n -e "/Total Files Listed/,/free/p"

  3. :: /S to include files in all directories beneath
    :: /A-D to exclude directories
    :: /W to reduce the amount of data from dir
    @DIR C:\ /S /A-D /W | sed -n -e "/Total Files Listed/,/free/p"

  4. it took less than a minute for my256G drive. However I ran this while I was running a virus scan, And my virus scan, yet not having completed, had already counted 2X the amount of files totalled by this method so obviously it is far from accurate.

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