How Not To Write An Essay

Gold compared to Steel White TableFrom, which Makes an essay on anything. Different every time!, an essay on steel white table:

Let us commence a journey into the much travelled topic of steel white table. At one stage or another, every man woman or child will be faced with the issue of steel white table. Cited by many as the single most important influence on post modern micro eco compartmentalism, it is important to remember that “what goes up must come down.” It is estimated that steel white table is thought about eight times every day by so called ‘babies’, many of whom fail to comprehend the full scope of steel white table.
To conclude steel white table has, and will continue to be a major building block for the world in which we live. It collaborates successfully, invades where necessary and is always fashionably late.
I’ll leave you with this quote from Mariah Garfunkel: ‘I demand steel white table, nothing more nothing less.’

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