How To Act Insane or Crazy

How to Act Crazy

Be subtle. Don’t overdo it. Instead of screaming swear words at people and claiming to be “seeing” things, maybe talk in a low whisper and look at “someone” next to you who isn’t there.
Repeat yourself. Pretend you did not. Insist you did not.
Take a sip of soda, hum while you do it, and insist it isn’t you.

But be warned:

Be ready to reveal the joke. In most states, crazy for real can cause an immediate and sometimes permanent removal of your most basic rights and can land you in a mental ward.

I used to volunteer at a mental hospital, teaching adults how to read. The only thing I had to watch out for was their unpredictability. We’d be reading a book one minute, when all of a sudden they’d do something, like taking a nap; put their head down and start snoring, and REALLY be asleep. Maybe I bored them.

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    • I want to act crazy cause my character on this server I play on , my character is a little Mogwai from the famous “Gremlins” movie. My character goes crazy if she is hit by rain water and goes on a killing spree. Well she is moving to the north to escape the evil rain but her mad side builds up since she hasent been realising it which then currupts her sanity making her go full crazy, not on a murder spree but just crazy and werid.

  1. I’m not crazy at all…but can you please help me how to do it…

    i’m a Filipino..
    you know we have this “BIGKAS SA DULAWIT”(bigkas, sayaw, dula, awit which means talk, dance, reciting a poem and sing) and my role is to be crazy at…
    The story is this before i am a crazy man, i have a family, friends,girlfriend,classmates..and a “barkada”…and i am a good boy before i was crazy…then suddenly my “barkada” taught me how to use vices, then when i come to school i turned into a rebel because of the vices then i lost my friends, broke-up with the girlfriend, lost the family in a accident…then when i hear the news that an accident has occured with my family…i just turned into a crazy crap man..


  2. I am currently working on a scene to take to a national convention. I was picked to be the insane mom. In a nutshell the scene is based on a mother who lost her baby in a burning building. Yet she still thinks that she has the baby with her throughout the scene. Even when her daughter shows her it is nothing but a blanket she still doesn’t believe her. Any tips or pointers to make me seem truly insane? Thanks

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