How To Be A Bouncer

Drinking beerBouncer’s Bible – The Art and Science of Working the Door:

My father was a bouncer and my grandfather was a bouncer. I have devoted 21 years of my life working the door in a total of 52 nightclubs, bars, and shitholes.. I have a medical record of 2 bullet wounds, 4 puncture wounds, 11 broken bones, 8 concussions, and 1 poisoning! I refuse to let a bunch of politically correct assholes take my trade name and change it just because of a few bad apples in the business.
A good bouncer is a person with two sides to his personality. One side has a compassion and respect for his patrons. The other side is a trained professional who will use the necessary force needed to protect himself and others from bodily harm.

He offers training courses, videos, and wrote a book about it too.

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