How To Be A Man

how to break rock with bare handsHow To Perform Strong Man Stunts:

Strength is the biggest hallmark of manhood. It demonstrates true he-man masculinity. Because this is true, it rouses a great desire in every manly heart to be able to do the great feats of strenth which hold people breathless when they are demonstrated to them.

Got that?! I like the How to Smash a Rock with the Blow of a Fist chapter:

The trick lies in the kind of stone you use… With practice, you can make it more dramatic by your approach to the act, with several mock attempts to hit the stone before you actually do.

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  1. “There is nothing that will set up a chorus of “Whom are you kiddin’?” at a party as when you say you can lift any man in the gang over your head with one hand and walk away with him.”

    Whom are you kiddin’?

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