3 Replies to “How To Be Open-minded”

  1. okay you have to teach me how to “steel” things off blogs .I need to send this to some people without having them come here and discover my secret life….this is great…or the three minutes I watched before I commented

    go to bits and pieces and watch the motorcycle crack ups…crazy….

  2. >okay you have to teach me how to “steel” things off blogs

    Friggin Luddite. I remember the day when YOU owned a computer before me, playing Red Baron or something all the time.

    For SWT, there’s a Email This Post link at the bottom of every post. Use that to email the post to people. Most other blogs probably have something similar; if not, copy the address at the top of the browser when at looking at the post you like, then paste it into your email. That sounds TOO simple – you must’ve known how to do that, right? RIGHT?!

  3. Nope….but I make a mean organic spelt puff pastry and can bore you to death about municpal tax ratios…..nothing that will assist me in coming apocolypse….

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