How to Copy and Paste

Everyone who uses a computer for any reason should know how to copy and paste.

This is for my friends, relatives and past employers who still don’t know how to copy and paste. Watch the whole video. Watch it again. Practice everything in the video. Practice it many times. Learn it.

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4 Replies to “How to Copy and Paste”

  1. I didn’t watch the video but does it include how to copy and paste a URL from a browser? Tommyboy needs step-by-step instructions for that.

  2. One of the deficiencies of winblowz is having only one clipboard. It’s one of the main reasons why I adore Ultraedit for all my textyness. There’s 10 clipboards, to switch between em I hit ctrl+number(1-0) and it’ll switch clipboards, making me a superstar among copy and paste aficionados.

  3. It shows how to copy a URL from an email to the browser. I didn’t watch right to the end, but assumed it shows how to do the same thing in reverse. And if it doesn’t, Tommyboy, everything demonstrated in the video can be done in reverse. Wherever you can paste text, you can also copy text.

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