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  1. I had made up an account in the name of the brother and had to finally come clean and remove the account and let him know cause all his “friends” were trying to get in touch with him….and actually one of my friends from when I lived on a military base out east…he is now in a kiss cover band out east and apparently does a great re creation of guys in makeup….I then had to get an account because the market has a site and I was directed to participate on it by my minders…I have gotten shit because on my profile I make it clear that I do not want any friends…and I get great pleasure out of ignoring those who try….stupid facebook…oh yeah…I used the jar of teeth as my photo…as I told one irate individual…it is not a jar of teeth it is a jar of smiles…that will teach you to give me a smile…..I take it….put in jar…ya now gummy bastard….

    • Hey Tom,

      I just checked out the market’s Facebook account. Your daughter is a friend. That’s the only person on the list I’ve heard of.

      I also checked out your account.

      Religious view: happy and contented atheist
      note I do not want any friends…let me repeat…I do not want any friends….do not ask to be my friend … you will be ignored…

      Political Views: I do not want any friends
      do not do it..you will be ignored..with relish…no ketchup

      I should have my beekeeping Facebook account sign on as a friend. Now… how do I do that?

  2. friend the market one..and when I get a gazillion friends there I can ask the market board for a raise….whooo hooo…

    travis is only friend…but I am trying to put him the family section….only cause his phot is sooo alluring…..

    i gotta get some compurtery learnin from jody…

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