How To Find What’s Lost

Professor Solomon, Finder of Lost Objects:

Have you lost something? Have you misplaced your keys, wallet, or other vital possession? Is it hiding from you, somewhere in your home or office? Well, I can help you find it.

He lists twelve principles to help you find what’s lost:

  1. Don’t Look for It
  2. It’s Not Lost – You Are
  3. Remember the Three C’s
  4. It’s Where It’s Supposed to Be
  5. Domestic Drift
  6. You’re Looking Right at It
  7. The Camouflage Effect
  8. Think Back
  9. Look Once, Look Well
  10. The Eureka Zone
  11. Tail Thyself
  12. It Wasn’t You

One Reply to “How To Find What’s Lost”

  1. My Mom always had a bad habit of leaving her purse in the fridge or freezer after uppacking the groceries. Even though she’d done it several times, it would never dawn on her to check there when her purse would go missing. However, insightful as I am, I’d always get rewarded with a nice treat when I would find it there.

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