How To Make A Cat Drinking Fountain

how-to build cat drinking fountainCat water drinking fountain illustrates how to easily create a fountain for cats that prefer running water.

Materials needed:

  • Water Filter
  • Glass Beads
  • Glass fish bowl
  • Power surge strip protector
  • Black Binder Clip

Our cats drink from the bathtub after we get showers.

3 Replies to “How To Make A Cat Drinking Fountain”

  1. Our landlord has — yes, he’s losing his marbles — 23 fish tanks in his 1-bedroom apartment and piles of old pumps and filters he doesn’t use half the time. I might borrow one from him and set this thing up with a timer that comes on every few hours during the day. Our cats drink water off our bathtub after the shower, but Nigel (you all know Nigel, right?) pukes up the soapy water afterwards, and, well, a contraption like this could save us cleaning up some puke.

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