11 Replies to “How to Make a Turban”

  1. Thanks for the turban directions. I just happen to need to make a turban for this Friday, as a stage prop to crown the birthday boy, in a bellydance show to celebrate his 40th. Most of the costume “turbans” online look really hideous and fake, so it would be better if I made one myself. So….you have indeed performed a great public service via your turbanization…

  2. Hey Guys. Well Im Going to a dress up party as a Fundamentalist and i thought Woah cant do it without a turban hehe. Its gonna be funny as shit, cuz most ppl think im going as like a tiger cant wait til akmehd jazzar rocks up with half a slab!!!

  3. hahaha awesome…..I have the sweater vest, cream coloured pants and now I know how to make a turban.

    Halloween costume is now complete!

  4. just got a package from the the brudder…has some local hat and scarves…will get steph to take a photo to send…mayby I should wear it with my skirt…

    an help that guy out with the turban thingy will ya…ya know blogging comes with responsibilities….

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