7 Replies to “How To Open A Beer Bottle With A Piece Of Paper”

  1. He folded it 6 times, that’s almost at the maximum which is 7. He’s basically opening it with a block of wood.

    I figured it was going to do something really cheesy, which is to put the sheet of paper over the cap and open up the twist-off cap with it just covering the top.

  2. Hanger size? What the hell does that mean? 8.5×11?

    What did they do to fold it? Did they make a fold then press it with a steamroller? That’d what I’d do, if I had a spare steamroller.

  3. “Hanger” as an airplane hanger, like where they did the myth to test if you get less wet if you run when it’s raining instead of walking.

  4. You try to fold a peice of 8.5×11 sheet of paper and if you get 8 out of it, I’ll give you something nice, like a new car.

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